Why, hello there!

Well, I would like to be the first to welcome you to my blog, but we all know that pesky commenter beat me to it. Darn, you, you pesky commenter! I’m just kidding. Well, I guess I should get to the introductions and the biography.

Well, it all began sixteen years ago when mommy and daddy… GOTCHA!

My name is Isabella. I’m a sophomore in high school. I would like to think I’m pretty smart. I mean, it’s not like I’m in all honors and advanced placement courses. Except I am… So, yeah, I’m pretty smart. I’m already thinking about college, and I would like to become an author. That’s the main reason I started this blog. I figure if people like my blog then they may like a book I write. I am in band at my school. I play the flute exceptionally well. I’m very catholic except there are some parts of the church I don’t agree with. I live with my mother, father, and only sibling (my sister. she’s in 7th grade. how old is that again? oops…) Well, I guess I should proceed to tell you what I will be writing about on my blog.

My blog will mainly focus on what I feel like writing about that day. I love boys, but I’m super awkward around them so look forward to those stories… I already have one planned for you. I may talk about moral standings of mine or what I think is wrong with people these days. I will probably mention my best friend a lot, too. Those stories are interesting as well. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as i enjoy posting on it.




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